National Webinar List

This page highlights and gives contact details for those disciplines who are either a) using Somerset webinars, or, b) producing their own webinars or videos. This helps to reduce the need to replicate the same webinars unnecessarily as departments can share webinars free of charge amongst colleagues/departments and CCGs nationally for the benefit of their patients.

Areas using Somerset IBS webinars within their IBS referral pathway

Lisa Ledger, Lead Dietitian, North East Cornwall Dietetics Team & Dr John Beckly, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Cornwall Hospital


Click here for direct link to Cornwall CCG (Kernow) list of dietetic services including newly revised pathway for dietetic gastroenterology. Cornwall CCG are directing patients to the IBS webinar on NHS UK as first line and the low FODMAP diet webinar on this website as second line.

Rebecca Gasche, Gastroenterology Community Dietitian, Countess of Chester Hospital, West Cheshire


Rebecca’s team are looking to at adding the links to the IBS, low FODMAP diet and coeliac webinars from this website into their local pathway.

Anna Wills, Gastroenterology Dietitian, Southampton General Hospital

Contact: Anna Wills

Anna’s team are adding a link to the IBS webinar as part of their new IBS pathway for Southampton City CCG GP IBS dietetic service. They are hoping this will take some of the strain away from their service.

Areas planning nationally available webinars

PYSIOTHERAPY PELVIC HEALTH: Rachel Burnett, Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Contact: Rachel Burnett

Planning patient webinars on:

  • Obstetric Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • Urogynaecology – female urinary incontinence & pelvic organ prolapse
  • Colorectal – functional bowel disorders e.g. constipation & faecal incontinence
  • Prostate Cancer – pre-operative information
  • Postnatal 3rd & 4th degree tears
  • Postnatal c-section

DIETETICS RENAL: Jennifer Thomas, Specialist Renal Dietitian, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Please contact please.

Webinar: Why is protein so important? Advice for people on haemodialysis

Expected to be ready for patient viewing by December 2019 – please contact Jen if you would like more information or to use this webinar

DIETETICS NUTRITION SUPPORT: Lisa Lovell, Head of Nutrition & Dietetic Service, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust  

Contact: Lisa Lovell:

Have created 5 short and very informative videos on nutrition support and enteral feeding. Please contact Lisa if you would like to use these.