The Clinical Cases Podcast Series


Episode 4

Duration: 13 minutes

Podcast by Dr Charlie Andrews on tips for GPs when diagnosing or managing patients with IBD

Dr Charlie Andrews is a GP working in Bristol in the UK. He is South West IBD champion for The Royal College of General Practitioners and Crohn’s & Colitis UK and suffers with Ulcerative Colitis himself. In this podcast he gives GPs invaluable tips on diagnosing and managing IBD.

Clinical Cases Podcast Series: Episode 4: IBD tips on diagnosis and management for GPs

Episode 3

Duration: 30 minutes

PODCAST about Ulcerative Colitis by Dr Charlie Andrews who has suffered with ulcerative colitis since his teens

Marianne Williams interviewed Dr Charlie Andrews who is a GP working inBristol in the UK. He has suffered with Ulcerative Colitis since his teenage years and talks opening about his journey with this condition. He takes you through his diagnosis and the up and downs of treatment and eventually surgery and tells us candidly about the mistakes he made. His experiences are inspirational and this podcast leaves you with hope and optimism for what is a challenging and difficult life-long illness. Charlie is South West IBD champion for The Royal College of General Practitioners and Crohn’s & Colitis UK

Clinical Cases Podcast Series: Episode 3: Ulcerative Colitis

Episode 2

Duration: 20 minutes

PODCAST about Food Allergy: The perils of removing foods from your diet without guidance

Marianne Williams interviews top UK allergy dietitian, Tanya Wright, about her personal experiences of suffering with allergy and the perils of removing food groups without guidance. She talks honestly and candidly about how in her early 20’s, before becoming a dietitian, she took foods out of her diet in an effort to help her severe eczema but how this has left her with a dangerous legacy.

A fascinating case that should act as a word of caution to any patient or healthcare professional.

Clinical Cases Podcast Series: Episode 2: Food Allergy

Episode 1

Duration: 37 minutes

PODCAST about Coeliac Disease

Marianne Williams interviewed a patient with undiagnosed coeliac disease. He had suffered many symptoms since childhood but negative coeliac blood tests. He is honest and frank and discusses in detail his experiences making this an immensely valuable CPD tool for all health care professionals.

Quote from GP, “I learnt so much listening to this podcast and I wish I had known these details before. I will find it so much easier to help my patients in future and will know what symptoms to look out for”.

Clinical Cases Podcast Series: Episode 1: Coeliac Disease