IBD Webinars

On this page you will find out how to access a webinar on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which has been developed by Somerset Partnership Community Dietitians to help you self manage your condition.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation which allow attendees to watch and listen to expert NHS healthcare professionals. You can watch a webinar anywhere in the world so long as you have access to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer with wifi or 4G.

Which Webinars are currently available?

The following webinar is currently available for you to view.

Nutrition advice for patients with IBD in remission

An NHS multidisciplinary team including Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitians, Gastroenterology Consultant, IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist and a GP with special interest in IBD have recorded this nutrition webinar specifically for IBD patients in remission.

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The webinar below on the Low FODMAP Diet is for those patients with IBD in remission who have been advised to follow this diet for their ‘functional’ or IBS-type symptoms. Please bear in mind that the Low FODMAP Diet will not help the underlying condition of IBD.

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