Meet the Team

A whose who guide to the Patient Webinars Team

Marianne Williams

Community Gastroenterology Dietitian

Marianne has led on the patient webinar project, resulting in her winning the NHS England Allied Health Professional of the Year in 2018. She was instrumental in setting up the IBS Patient Pathway in Somerset in 2012 and dietetic-led gastroenterology clinics in primary care.

Leah Seamark

Community Gastroenterology Dietitian

Leah is our stats guru and patient outcome/service evaluation expert. She is also leading the project to completely reinvent the coeliac patient pathway in Somerset.

Ceri Marchant

Community Gastroenterology and Peadiatric Dietitian

Ceri has been fundamental in initiating the webinar service and works as both a specialist gastroenterology and paediatric dietitian in for the Somerset Community Dietetics Service.

Lesley Harper

Community Gastroenterology and Nutrition Support Dietitian

Lesley has developed this website and is our IT team guru. Lesley is also working with Leah to redevelop the patient pathway for Coeliac Disease in Somerset

Yvonne Barclay

Dietetic Service Manager

Yvonne has been fundamental in supporting the development of innovative projects and ways of working within community dietetics in Somerset.

Alison Booth

Peadiatric Dietitian and Deputy Dietetic Service Manager

Alison is Lead for community paediatric services and Deputy Dietetic Service Manager