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Learn more about this project, the team behind it and how you could go about creating webinars for your county.

About this project

A team of specialist gastroenterology community dietitians in Somerset have created Patient Webinars to help their patients gain the knowledge and understanding that they need to manage their illness.

We are lucky enough to be endorsed by the professional body that is The British Dietetic Association and work in partnership with the NHS.

If you want to find out more about how Patient Webinars has helped patients suffering with life long illnesses then check out our blog post below.

The wonder of webinars in helping patients

Marianne Williams, Specialist Gastroenterology Community Dietitian, explains how webinars have successfully helped patients gain the knowledge they need to manage their illness.

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Here’s what our patients and practitioners have to say

Patient’s Say

“Very informative webinar. Was diagnosed with IBS by GP recently and have so far found the amount of conflicting stuff on the internet very confusing, so extremely useful to find an authoritative, trustworthy source providing thorough, implementable information.”

GP’s Say

“I have found this an excellent resource and have already started recommending it to some of my patients.”

The impact patient webinars has had on the NHS


Webinars have resulted in a 44% drop in 1-1 referrals in to the specialist dietetic clinic in their first year of use.


Prior to the webinars 56% of patients have fair/good/excellent knowledge. After the webinar 95% had fair/good/excellent knowledge.


94% of patients said they were likely or very likely to recommend the IBS webinars.


77% of patients said that watching the webinars had improved their confidence in managing their IBS.

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