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Cancer Nutrition Advice


Webinar 1

Advice Following Cancer Treatment

14 mins


Last reviewed November 2022.

Webinar: Advice Following Cancer Treatment

This webinar is created by specialist NHS Macmillan dietitians and an expert dietetic assistant practitioner and gives dietary guidance to patients who have completed their cancer treatment.  It covers the links between diet and cancer, eating well for good health and looks at the truth behind some dietary myths.  This webinar is not aimed at those who are currently receiving treatment.

Other Webinars

Oncology dietitians at the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have developed a series of videos providing evidence-based advice to support patients during cancer treatment. Each video is just 2-3 minutes long and provides answers to questions you may have related to your diet and cancer treatment.  The videos are for patients and carers as well as healthcare professionals.

What Should I Eat If…I Just Don’t Feel Like Eating?
What Should I Eat If…I Am Losing Weight?
What Should I Eat If…I Am Losing Muscle and Strength?
What Should I Eat If…I Find It Difficult To Swallow?
What Should I Eat If…Food and Drink Do Not Taste Right?
What Should I Eat If…I Am Constipated?
What Should I Eat If…I Have Diarrhoea?
What Should I Eat If…I Feel Sick?
What Should I Eat If…I Have A Sore Mouth?
What Should I Eat If…I Have Diabetes?
What Should I Do If I Just Don’t Feel Like Drinking?
Does Sugar Feed Cancer?
Should I Take A Vitamin and Mineral Supplement When I Have Cancer?
Should I Take Nutritional Supplement Drinks?
Should I Follow A Special Diet?
Should I Avoid Any Foods?
Fortifying Food And Drinks
Food Safety During Cancer Treatment

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