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Advice for patients at risk of malnutrition. This webinar has been submitted for BDA endorsement.

Webinar 1

Managing Malnutrition

24 Mins


Last reviewed July 2022.

Webinar 1: Managing Malnutrition

Listen to Specialist NHS Dietitians, Lesley Harper and Leah Seamark, giving valuable advice on how to identify if you may be at risk of malnutrition and tips of making simple dietary changes to improve your nutrition and health

Webinar 2

Vegan Friendly Malnutrition Advice

18 Mins


Last reviewed September 2022.

Webinar 2: Vegan Friendly Malnutrition Advice

Listen to Specialist NHS Dietitians, Lesley Harper and Olivia Radcliffe, discussing tips on how to modify your current diet to reduce the risk of malnutrition, for those on a vegan or dairy-free diet

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