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Reflux Disease

Webinar 1. Reflux Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Listen to Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Emma Greig and Specialist NHS Gastroenterology Dietitian, Olivia Radcliffe, giving the most up-to-date and accurate advice on diet and lifestyle for reflux disease

Webinar 1

Reflux Diet & Lifestyle Advice

35 Mins


Webinar 2. Reflux Medication Information

Listen to Professor Anjan Dhar discuss reflux medications and why it is important to treat your reflux disease.  He will also focus on conditions such as Barretts Oesophagus and Volume Reflux

Webinar 2

Reflux Medication Information

22 Mins


Webinar 3. Reflux Questions & Answers

Listen to Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Emma Greig, answer questions on when you should seek advice from your GP; what investigations and treatments your GP is likely to suggest; what is a hiatus hernia and how does it affect reflux; what is helicobacter pylori infection; and whether reflux is a life long condition

Webinar 3

Reflux Questions & Answers

11 Mins

Webinar 4. Reflux Surgery Options

Listen to Consultant Surgeon, Marianne Hollyman, discuss the surgery options in reflux disease.

Webinar 4

Reflux Surgery Options

15 mins