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Weight Management


Weight loss is incredibly difficult and we recognise that dieting can create many challenges. Within these webinars we have tackled the myths surrounding dieting, weight loss and balanced eating. We hope these webinars will provide insight into why dieting is so challenging, and will help you to build a new approach to eating and your health.

To get the most benefit from these webinars, we would recommend watching them in the following order:

  1. The Dieting Cycle
  2. Regular Eating
  3. Triggers to Eating
  4. Diet Myth Busting
  5. Balanced Eating

We hope you find these webinars helpful.

Webinar 1

The Dieting Cycle

9 mins


Webinar 1: The Dieting Cycle

This 9 minute video aims to help you understand how your body responds to dieting, why dieting can be so difficult to maintain, and why the body can re-gain weight after a diet has ended.

Webinar 2

Regular Eating

6 mins


Webinar 2: Regular Eating

This 6 minute video looks at the importance of regular meal patterns to help regulate eating habits, and normalise hunger and fullness cues that may have been silenced by many years of dieting.

Webinar 3

Triggers to Eating

5 mins


Webinar 3: Triggers to Eating

This 5 minute video aims to help you identify what triggers might be leading to eating behaviours, so you can begin to understand them.

Webinar 4

Diet Myth Busting

5 mins


Webinar 4: Diet Myth Busting

This 5 minute video aims to question some of the more common dieting myths you may have encountered.

Webinar 5

Balanced Eating

26 mins


Webinar 5: Balanced Eating

This video aims to highlight the different foods from each food group that make up a balanced and varied diet and provide the nutrients your body needs to thrive. This video is longer than the other videos in this series (26 minutes), so feel free to pause, rewind or re-watch the whole video again whenever you want.

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